Isveç’li Tasarımcılarla Moda Sohbeti | 8 Kasım 2016

Bu hafta Isveç konsolosluğunun daveti ile, modada beden politikaları ve toplumsal kimlik meselelerini konuşmak üzere Isveç’li tasarımcılarla bir araya geleceğiz. Tasarımcıların yaptığı sunumlara yorum yapmak üzere Türkiye’den davetliler marka İletişim uzmanı Dr. Bilgen Coskun, tasarım gazetecisi ve akademisyen Dilek Öztürk, tasarımcı Zeynep Tosun ve bendeniz olacağız. 

Konuşma dili İngilizce olacak. etkinlik detayları aşağıda, etkinlik sayfası burada.

8th November 1.30 pm – 6.00pm

at ATÖLYE: Tarihi Bomonti Bira Fabrikası, Birahane Sokak No: 1

In the last few years, fashion and the fashion industry in Sweden have been responding to increasing demands to reflect our changing attitudes to identity. From questions about gender neutrality and body image to discussions of how the clothes we wear reflect our religious beliefs, our sexual identity and our political and social convictions, discussions of fashion are often framed within these often conflicting points of view. We have invited four leading figures from the Swedish fashion industry who will approach these topics both as practitioners and as theorists.

We have also invited a number of Turkish professionals and academics to act as respondent to our invited Swedish guests at present these include Dr. Bilgen Coskun, Phd Brand communication , Dilek Öztürk, Independent Design Journalist & Lecturer, designer Zeynep Tosun and Eda Çakmak, design theorist.



1.30 – Introduction

2.00 – 2.30     Philip Warkander

As perhaps the world’s first person to hold a PhD in fashion studies and a senior lecturer in the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciencesat Lund University, Warkander, will talk about how the fashion industry is both responding to and is in conflict with the fierce cultural debates in Sweden concerning issues of identity and heteronormative logic.


2.30 – 3.00     This is Sweden

‘This is Sweden’ is a fashion design company made up of the siblings of Ana and Pablo Londono, two Colombian refugees who have established a fashion line in Sweden that both creates exciting new clothes and challenges ideas about how fashion can express issues of identity. They will talk about their work and how the design of clothes can be linked to concerns of segregation, marginalisation and how fashion can work to create both awareness and challenge excepted norms of identity.


3.00 – 3.45     Response


3.45 – 4.15     BREAK


4.15 – 4.45     Minna Palmqvist

As a fashion designer and artist Minna Palmqvist has developed quickly as one of Sweden’s most interesting and socially engaged figures in the field. Her work both mixes social commentary and design and explores our fascination with female body and points to what she calls the conflicts between “what we wish for, what is forced upon us and what we try to hide.” Palmqvist will talk about some of her most recent projects and the challenges she has encountered in bringing her politics into her design.

4.45 – 5.15     Iman Aldebe  

Iman Aldebe is a Swedish clothing designer, journalist and lawyer of Jordanian background whose luxury designs of turbans and veils for Muslim women have been widely acclaimed selling at some of Stockholm’s most exclusive stores. As a frequent commentator and blogger on fashion she has also developed a unique voice in the Swedish fashion scene. Aldebe will show examples of her work and talk about her work with H&M and designing a hijab for the Swedish police.

5.00 – 6.00     Response 

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